Firm Overview

The History of MPC Capital Advisors


MPC Capital Advisors, LLC was founded in 2010 for the purpose of providing investment consulting, portfolio solutions and outsourced chief investment services to institutional plan sponsors such as your organization. Our investment approach is that the proper structuring, management and monitoring of investment assets are the keys to fulfilling long term plan objectives. Each pool of assets is unique, both because of its long term goals and specific needs or constraints. Recognizing this, MPC Capital Advisors dedicates its efforts to providing professional investment advisory services to sponsor of institutional investment programs. Our goal is to provide the proper framework, perspective, background information and recommendations for discussion and decision-making by plan fiduciaries.

As an independent firm, owned and operated by its employees, which does not manage money nor distribute investment products (i.e. our own series of mutual funds or a fund of hedge funds), MPC Capital Advisors can offer a truly objective perspective. This perspective, combined with our expertise and experience, enables MPC Capital Advisors to assist clients with implementing quality investment programs. MPC Capital Advisors offers services ranging from the initial formulation of plan objectives, to the structuring of assets that best meet those goals, to evaluating the success of an ongoing investment program.

While MPC Capital Advisors offers you a vast array of resources and “state-of-the-art-systems,” we believe the distinguishing feature of our firm is the people. MPC's investment professionals have an average of over twenty five years of investment consulting experience working with clients similar to your organization to successfully solve similar problems. Our firm takes particular pride in understanding the needs of each client, properly evaluating their portfolios’ current status, utilizing good judgment in recommending structural or management alternatives and clearly communicating these options to support our client’s decision-making process. Ultimately, this is the product that you are buying. We do not believe our competitors can offer the perspective and expertise we have gained from our broad experience. We hope you will agree.